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WaveFront Technology Inc. is a recognized innovator in micro-optic structure origination, replication, and application, proprietary optical designs that generate a dynamic three-dimensional appearance on a FLAT Panel LED surface. Using advanced microstructures, this engaging dimensional optical effect is combined with naturally occurring visually recognizable shapes and patterns that allow a desirable sensory experience that combines varying texture, and spatial depth which results in an eye-catching unique look of dimensionality and visual interest. The designs are delivered as films or rigid sheets that are incorporated as a layer in an edge or backlit LED panel.

Markets-Brand Identification

Brand Identification

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Enhance your brand identity with eye-catching 2D and 3D graphics that immediately associate your product with high-performance, high value and premium quality. Using micro-structure based optical effects, the appearance of depth, movement and texture can be designed into conventional packaging constructs to accentuate shelf appeal, messaging and reputation. WaveFront has the design, prototype, and manufacturing expertise to work with your designers to deliver a unique integrated concept that will drive positive customer responses.

Markets-Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

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WaveFront Technology, Inc. (WFT) utilizes a state-of-the-art continuous UV casting process to manufacture Fresnel lens, diffractive, holographic and hybrid (combination) films for both stock and custom specialty films in roll format sizes from 6” to 68” wide. Typically, these films are laminated to paper or board and sheeted for use in lithographic, offset and flexographic printing systems. The printed sheets are then die-cut and utilized for a variety of product packaging including the DVD/Blu-ray, Liquor, Cosmetic and specialty product markets. WFT is responsible for most of the recent innovations in packaging films combining prismatic (Fresnel) structures with holographic patterns in custom design shapes to yield the most creative custom packaging films available. Packaging designers integrate the dynamic 3D lensing and holographic effects of WFT film to enhance the look and ‘movement’ of the final package. WFT has their own Diamond Turning Machine (DTM) Lab that has innovated ‘thin’ Fresnel designs that optimize lamination and printing. WFT’s DTM Lab has developed the largest library of Fresnel lens masters available in the industry today and continues to build on this capability. Custom pattern designs can be made bright or subtle, and very dimensional.

Markets-Security Products

Security Products

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The ability to quickly and effectively determine if a product is genuine requires an easily recognizable image that is exceedingly difficult to fabricate. WaveFront micro-structures provide high-definition graphics that can exhibit depth, animation, color change, and magnification for brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, and smart packaging in multiple industries including document security, pharmaceuticals, electronics, imaging supplies, etc. Overt and covert features can be integrated to deter counterfeiting while strengthening consumer awareness.



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Form and function often dictate the type of manufacturing processes and design tools used for a specific optical technology, and the field of micro-optics is no exception. For many applications, where single elements or arrays of elements are required, the ultimate for performance in price per part, roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing has no equal. WaveFront has the design, optical modeling, tooling, and process technology to deliver millimeter to nanometer scale optical structures in millions of square meter quantities.



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The use of micro-structures in aerospace applications is rapidly expanding in areas as diverse as heads up displays, deicing, aerodynamics, and in-flight observability. Roll to roll manufacturing of highly complex millimeter to nanometer size structures and patterns is an economical method to achieve state-of-the -art performance in a product form that is currently utilized in aerospace assembly processes. WaveFront works with your engineers to develop proprietary structures that at the origination phase consider operational demands to accelerate the transition from proof of concept through to deployment.



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Micro-structured films are ideally suited for display surface and enhancement applications such as increased brightness, improved contrast, glare reduction, energy efficiency and improved durability. Working with your optical design team, WaveFront can model, prototype and manufacture films to direct light, mechanically enhance, and/or environmentally interact to provide the viewer a satisfying visual experience. Whether it is at the component, device or system level, WaveFront micro-structures can be originated and replicated to meet your requirements.