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Custom Lensed & Non-Lensed Security Features

With our capability to develop cutting-edge micro- & freeform optics, WFT stands at the forefront of the security features market. Allow us to craft a unique security feature tailored to secure your products and protect against counterfeit replicas.

Custom Diffusers & Micro-Optic Films

With cutting-edge origination capabilities, WaveFront Technology can craft custom optical features spanning sub-micron to 300-micron sizes. Coupled with our in-house roll-to-roll UV casting lines, we can efficiently design, originate, and manufacture films up to 1.5 meters wide.

Custom Lens & Holographic Films

Utilizing a state-of-the-art UV casting process, WFT can create and manufacture Fresnel lens, distractive, and holographic films. Let us integrate our 2D & 3D features to instantly increase your product’s brand identity, and associate your brand with high value, premium quality packaging.