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Specialty Packaging Films-Fresnel Lens Films

Fresnel Lens Films

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These specialty films are created from Linear and Circular Fresnel lenses. A Fresnel lens is a microstructure made of facets that bend or reflect light like a thick lens (see diagram). They can be made to either focus or spread light. These lenses are originated in our Diamond Turning Machine (DTM) Lab using a diamond tool to cut facets into a metal mold. WFT's DTM Lab has developed the largest library of Fresnel lens masters available in the industry today and continues to build on this capability. The benefit of a Fresnel lens used in a package is that it images the area in which the package is displayed so if you were standing in the isle of a store and someone walks between you and the package, the package will appear to have movement even when you are standing still which catches your eye and draws you to the package. We have created a variety of stock lens patterns that are innovative in their active motion and 3D depth. WFT has a patent on one of the most creative dimensional effects recently seen (patent # 7,298,533), that outlines the use of multiple focal length lenses and both positive and negative Fresnel lens arrays to simulate unbelievable depth and 'movement.' Custom layouts can be made to enhance printed design. Lens films are currently used for holiday season tissue cartons, cosmetic packaging and beverage cartons, as well as video games and blockbuster DVD releases. WFT specializes in combining Fresnel lens structures with holographic patterns to form custom hybrid designs that offer a distinctive package appearance for our customers.

Specialty Packaging Films-Holographic Film

Holographic Film

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These specialty films are holographic microstructures originated using Holographic Interference. These are primarily diffraction gratings used to create colorful and eye-catching effects. The structures can be arranged in various shapes and sizes using our recombining techniques to create diffractive colors that are pure color or pastel colors depending on the frequency of the diffraction grating used. Standard holographic films are Rainbow, Sparkle dots, and Cracked Ice. We have recently created a line of pure white sparkle patterns. WFT has an extensive library of diffraction grating frequencies which includes the largest crossed diffraction grating (Seamless Rainbow) in the world (65-inch square). Most of our holographic library is utilized in combination with our world class Fresnel lens library to create hybrid layouts. The holographic patterns lend brightness and 'sparkle' to the eye-catching 3D depth and movement of our Fresnel lens patterns.