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Optical Films: Tailored Micro-Diffuser Film (TMD)®

Tailored Micro-Diffuser Film (TMD)®

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TMD®and UTMD product lines accomplish the purpose of traditional diffusers in direct lit and edge-lit Back Light Unit (BLU) systems. However, compared with conventional bead type diffusers, our TMD®in many cases provides the following advantages: higher brightness, better contrast and viewing angle, less thickness, less layers (such as elimination of diffuser plate and/or prism film)

TMD's can be easily replicated onto low-cost plastic films. In large quantities, roll-to-roll mass-production techniques ensure that WFT's TMD®costs to OEM manufacturers are well within the range of those for consumer product applications.

Optical Films: Prismatic Faceted Film

Prismatic Faceted Film

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Prism film is well known in the display industry for adding brightness and efficiency to backlights used with LCDs. Faceted films are used to redirect light such as a Fresnel lens used to focus or spread light. In both cases the structure is made up of polished microstructure facets that act like very small prisms to bend light in certain directions. The size ranges from a few hundred micrometers to sub-micron. They are typically originated using Diamond Turned machining methods but can also be created using Grayscale Lithography

Optical Films: Glare Control Film

Glare Control Film

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WFT offers several options for Glare Control Film (GCF). These films are used to prevent light from a fixture from exiting at high angles causing glare. Along with our library of patterned GCF, custom patterns can be produced.

WFT offers services to provide customized films and microstructures. Once provided with the desired image, light bending, or surface textured specifications, we can design, originate, tool, and produce rolls of film or flat rigid sheets of your custom structure. WFT has become a fully integrated facility with the ability to originate your Diamond Turned Machined (DTM) structure, Holographic structure or other microstructures, produce the necessary tooling then make product of the structure in a R2R process, metallize it if necessary and finish it, completely in-house. WFT is a leader in the nanostructure and microstructure industry due to our vast experience with so many different structures. We have over 25-years’ experience working with microstructures as well as over 20 years producing rolls of product. There are few companies with the experience and ability to originate, tool up, and produce the custom products that WFT can produce.

Optical Films: Diffractive Film

Diffractive Film

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Diffractive structures are typically linear or crossed microstructures that are small enough to diffract light (10 micron to sub-micron). A linear diffraction grating may be made using holographic interference. A popular film called rainbow is used in many packaging designs for an eye-catching rainbow color effect. It can also be used in a diffractive micro-flake to produce a diffractive pigment. Another use might be a Holographic Optical Element (HOE) or a Computer-Generated Hologram (CGH). A CGH can be a stepped microstructure that forms an image. These microstructures can be originated in many ways such as Holographic interference, Grayscale Lithographic techniques, Laser, E-beam, or Ion beam etching.