A Starter's Guide to Holographic Films

A Starter's Guide to Holographic Films

While the name itself can make anyone wonder, Holographic films are the most used product in various industries and products in multiple different ways. Before diving into its application, let’s understand what a Holographic film is and how its made.

The holographic film is a very thin, flexible film made of plastic which has been micro-embossed with patterns or even images. Designs or an image created through an embossing process can provide a remarkable 3-D effect and/or spectral colouring. The embossing process is akin to cutting tiny grooves into the lamination film’s surface at various angles and shapes. These micro-embossed grooves cause the “diffraction” of normal white light into stunning spectral colour. This phenomenon is not unlike the diffraction of white light into spectral colours through a crystal prism. Holographic is not the typical PSA film; it is made from PVC film or metalised PET with a brocaded foil layer giving it a unique character. Holographic diffraction effects are brocaded in around 2.5 – 3mil face film. They are then laminated with a UV protectant which is water-based and glossy and the top coated according to the needs. Holography film is widely used for brand protection, increases the brand value and protects against counterfeiting of the end products by making it completely holographic.

These films are used regularly on endless products, such as aquariums, zippo lighters, race cars, roller skates, store shelving and snowmobiles.

Our Speciality

WaveFront Technology, Inc. (WFT) utilises a state-of-the-art continuous UV casting process to manufacture Fresnel lens, diffractive, holographic and hybrid (combination) films for both stock and custom speciality films in roll format sizes from 6” to 68” wide. Typically these films are laminated to paper or board and sheeted for use in lithographic, offset and flexographic printing systems. The printed sheets are then die-cut and utilised for various product packaging, including the DVD/Blu-ray, Liquor, Cosmetic and speciality product markets. Packaging designers integrate the dynamic 3D lensing and holographic effects of WFT film to enhance the final package's look and ‘movement’. WFT has its own Diamond Turning Machine (DTM) Lab that innovates ‘thin’ Fresnel designs that optimise lamination and printing.  WFT’s DTM Lab has developed the most extensive library of Fresnel lens masters available in the industry today and continues to build on this capability. Custom pattern designs can be made bright or subtle and very dimensional.